AIS consultants are trained to work with our clients in a very collaborative way, sharing pertinent clinical and financial data to facilitate the implementation of programs designed to generate positive clinical & financial outcomes for our clients’ businesses.

  • Billing Services

    Billing ServicesAIS is the quintessential Home Health Care billing and consulting company in the state of Ohio. AIS provide numerous services to home health care agencies in Ohio and the nation as a whole.

    If you own, operate and/or work for a home health care agency, then you are aware of the technicalities and complexities that exist with the billing processes. Thus, as you have come this far with your business, be very wary of the type of billing company that you entrust the most vital arm of your business with. One mistake with Medicare can destroy a business that you have worked so hard to birth and develop.

    Call the experts at AIS and let us handle the Medicare, Medicaid and HMO billing for your business, so that you can have enough resources left over to focus on taking care of your patients and managing your skilled and non-skilled employees.

    Call AIS today and let us do some of the worrying for you! Simply put…….”We don’t get paid, if you don’t get paid”.

  • Accreditation Services

    Female on phoneAIS congratulate and thank you for your interest in achieving Medicare Accreditation for your business. It will be AIS pleasure to work with you in preparing for as well as achieving this objective for your business.

    We have successfully guided other businesses just like yours through the home healthcare Medicare accreditation process. AIS home healthcare accreditation services, coupled with your desire and commitment to be the best in your chosen endeavor, will ensure that you will achieve Medicare Accreditation.

    If you choose to sign up with AIS accreditation service, our experts will guide you through the Business Startup Process, which will include the following:

    • Registration of your business in your state.
    • Obtaining your Employer Identification number.
    • Obtaining your National Provider Number.
    • Completion of your states home care license application
    • Completion of all of the required home care business license paperwork requirements for your business.

    All states in the United States have different or slightly similar home care license and operation requirements and standards.

    In recognition of this fact, AIS ensures that all our home care consultants are well versed in all states requirements and standards as well as been able to ensure you will achieve home care business licensure using AIS’ home care business policies, procedure and home care consulting services.

    Here are six (6) main reasons amongst many, why AIS Consultants should be your first choice when you are about to hire a home healthcare accreditation consultant:

    1. AIS Health Care Consultants have substantive site experience with The Joint Commission (JCAHO), CHAP and State Accreditation organizations.
    2. Our Health Care Consultants are current and/or former home health care agency owners, Administrators and Director of Clinical Services (DON).
    3. AIS personnel will train your staff to rid your business of accreditation deficiencies, thus ensuring that your business will pass any home healthcare accreditation site survey inspection.
    4. We will conduct a Quality assurance audit review of personnel records as per JCAHO, CHAP and State Accreditation Standards.
    5. We will review your patient charts until agency is surveyed for Home Healthcare Medicare accreditation.
    6. We will assign to you, a Home Healthcare Medicare Accreditation consultant during State License and Home Healthcare Medicare Accreditation surveys.

    AIS will also provide you the operational materials that you will need to attain home healthcare Medicare Certification.

    The customized Home Healthcare Policies and Procedures AIS will provide for you, will meet any of the State, Federal and Accrediting Body standards.

    They will include the following:

    • Business Plan.
    • Capital Expenditure Plan.
    • Strategic plan with three years (3yrs) forecast data included.
    • Financial Management Policies.
    • Administrative Policies.
    • Personnel Policies.
    • Job Descriptions.
    • Performance Evaluations.
    • Patient Care Policies.
    • Quality Improvement Plan.
    • Infection Control.
    • Safety Management.
    • Emergency Disaster.
    • Admission packet, Patient information booklet, Admission forms, Advanced Directives.
    • Furthermore, AIS will also provide you with the Personnel and In-Services information that your business will need.

    These will include the following:

    • Board of Directors Meetings.
    • Professional Advisory Committee meetings.
    • Outcome Based Quality Improvement (OBQI).
    • Competency evaluations, Job Descriptions and Performance Evaluations.
    • Employee handbook.
    • Annual evaluation.
    • Agency Non-Disclosure and Conflict of Interest statements.
    • Clinical Record Review Committee meetings.
    • Ethics Committee meetings.
    • Safety Committee meetings.
    • Budget Committee meetings as needed.
    • Nursing Procedures.
    • Home Health Agency Logs.

    Call AIS today for a Free No Obligation Consultation. We will provide you with all the information you need to open your own agency!

  • Audit Services

    Male holding a list together with two personHealth care providers need auditors who understand health care operations and risks. AIS have well trained and experienced consultants that performs quarterly, semi-annual and annual audits for health care providers nationwide.

    Our auditors are trained to address specific risk areas for home health care agencies, including the following:

    • Accounts receivable valuations.
    • Revenue Stream recognition.
    • Internal Controls.
    • Employee benefit plans.
  • Training

    Old man Training new staffAIS’s can help establish new programs, staff them, implement the corresponding procedures, train staff on reporting and other requirements, measure results, and identify performance benchmarks — so you will always know how well your organization is progressing.

AIS Guarantee
AIS will not lock customers into any short or long term contracts of any kind. This is because we stand by our services as well as will guarantee customer satisfaction.

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